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Armand Young

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June 8th, 2013


Human Kindness Walk




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“A Simple Man Trying to Change the World with Acts of Kindness!”

Armand Young is a selfless Humanatarian and Founder of "Human Kindness Walk." As part of this cause, Armand walks all over American carrying poles with flags on them. He asks strangers to sign them, and in return, they must promise to do a random act of kindness. His flags are covered with thousands of signatures of people who promised to do just that. Along his walk, he also stops to help people in need any way that he can- whether it be by simply buying someone lunch or helping to build houses for people who are in need. He asks all of his facebook followers to do at least one act of kindness every day and then post to his page to tell him about it. He inspires people all over the country to do good. One time, a little girl wrote a beautiful song about him and posted it to You-Tube. Every time he watches the video, he cries. He has totally restored my faith in humanity by his total dedication to his cause. He is changing the world by acts of kindness, one step at a time! I really hope that Armand wins this award because I know he has in his heart so many more acts of kindness to give!