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Christie has had many battles in her life and she has never let it stop her. From a drug-addicted ex-husband who almost burned her house down, her 2nd ex-husband being deported, raising two children as a single mother and single income family, losing her youngest son in a horrific car accident at 18, dealing with drug addiction in her family, helping her mother feed the poor at her soup kitchen, loss of jobs and then had an accident herself that has left her permanently scarred, she has never quit. I think we all have bumps in the road but some have been mountains for her. When her son died, we lost our partner in crime for animal rescue. He helped us with Missing Bella and it left a hole in our hearts. To honor him, we started a low cost spay/neuter program and named it after him: Dylan's Dawgz Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program. She shows courage every day by overcoming and moving forward.

She wants to be a voice for the animals. Her first concern is their well-being and to speak out when something is wrong. Stopping unnecessary breeding with the spay/neuter program is for important to her.

People know they can call her in an emergency and she will figure out a way to help them, especially if pets are involved. She has driven across the state of Kentucky for rescue transports at a moments notice to make sure animals are safe.

The courage and strength that she has to continue on and make her time on this earth meaningful.

It would be used to host several more spay-a-thon's. Missing Bella would partner with a veterinarian and have a goal to spay/neuter 100 dogs/cats in 5 days. This will be free to the pet owner. It will take time but every dog/cat that cannot breed will save thousands from being born when there aren't already enough homes for them now.

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