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Mr. Walker assumed command of the Coalition when it was near close. Since that time hundreds of wounded / disabled veteran families have been helped and even saved. His leadership style is to lift up those around him and inspire their best.

I believe David's mission is to show his love for God, his love for his family and his love for our military men and women daily, through his actions.

David has made tough choices for the organization that have allowed more money to be spent on programs vital to wounded veteran families quality of lives. If it weren't for David, the impact felt by the families the Coalition has served, may not have had a chance to touch their lives.

David gives of himself financially, personally to great lengths. He makes connections and connects dots for not only the Coalition but other organizations that we've partnered with. He gives of his time so frequently that we're thankful his dear wife is so understanding. She has been battling chronic complications from Lyme disease and David is able to show her unconditional love while sacrificing time, sleep and more to ensure our veterans have what they need or that he's working to make sure they do.

A donation of of $50,000 would be huge. The Coalition recognizes the value of an honest days pay for an honest days work. When veterans are wounded and learn to cope with their disability, whether physical or mental they still want purpose, they still want to set an example for their children & family. They want to work and sometimes if your wife / husband or caregiver left their job to care for you, that get's really tough. David has worked to expand the Coalition's work from home program (The Heroes Thanking Heroes) from 20 families to currently 41. I'm sure this donation would help to expand this program and allow more families to provide for their families.

David took a decrease in pay to lead an innovative non-profit organization. The impact of his choice will leave an impression on hundreds, if not thousands of people. He truly loves helping our nations military and veterans.

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