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December 28th, 2012

Co-founder of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Jack Cole retired as a Detective Lieutenant after a 26-year career with the New Jersey State Police—fourteen in narcotics, mostly as an undercover officer. His investigations spanned cases from street drug users to international “billion-dollar” drug trafficking organizations.
Jack ended his undercover career living nearly two years in Boston and New York City, posing as a fugitive drug dealer wanted for murder, while tracking members of a terrorist organization that robbed banks, planted bombs in corporate headquarters, court-houses, police stations, and airplanes and ultimately murdered a New Jersey State Trooper.
Jack is a founding member and for eight years was executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, an organization representing 60,000 cops, judges, prosecutors, prison wardens, and supporters from 86 countries, who know a system of legalized regulation of all drugs will remove the violence which is the result of drug prohibition. He is now their Board Chair and international speaker.
After retiring, Jack dealt with the emotional residue left from his participation in this failed and destructive war on drugs by working to reform current drug policy. He moved to Boston to continue his education. Jack holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice and a Masters degree in Public Policy. His major focus is on the issues of race and gender bias, brutality and corruption in law enforcement. Jack believes ending drug prohibition will go a long way toward correcting those problems.

Jack has taught courses to police recruits and veteran officers on ethics, integrity, moral decision-making, and the detrimental effects of racial profiling. As Executive Director of LEAP, he has presented papers at international conferences and spoken on drug policy reform in the Parliaments of Canada, Denmark, the European Union and New Zealand, as well as presenting 1300 times to law-enforcement, professional, civic, educational, political, and religious organizations in 26 countries, including Australia, North, Central and South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and across the United States. .
Jack is passionate in his belief that the drug war is needlessly destroying the lives of young people, and that it is corrupting our police. His discussions give his audience an alternative prospective of the US war on drugs from the view of a veteran drug-warrior turned against the war.

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