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They are not fluffy or fuzzy or even cute, but when abused or neglected reptiles need a new home, Keith Gisser is there for them. A herpetology educator by trade, he began rescuing reptiles, spinning off the rescue into a non-profit in 2013. Since then, he and his foundation have found homes for nearly 1200 reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates and he has educated thousands of people. And he does it for a salary of $1 a month. Nobody is as devoted to saving reptilian lives as Keith.

Keith likes to say he is saving the world one reptile at a time.

Keith is an inspiration, not just due to his work ethic, but due to his educational mission. He helps people overcome their fear of reptiles and in an age of screens, brings live animals to schools,. libraries and community events to do outreach. With over 200 appearances in the last 18 months, he has impacted thousands of individuals.

Keith saw a need for a dedicated reptile rescue organization and put it together from scratch, using a model that had never been tried before (regular public hours with an all volunteer staff). He had a vision and has been able to execute that vision.

The money would be used for the down payment to purchase the charity'sd facility, which is currently being rented.

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