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Lisa had adopted a rescue dog named Bella. Sadly – through circumstances outside of her control – Lisa’s beloved Bella was lost and never found. Through trying to find Bella - Lisa became increasingly involved in community animal welfare, to activism for animal rights, and fundraising for area rescue groups and no-kill animal shelters. She then founded and created Missing Bella Inc to help the community in aspects that did not exist. She created a low cost spay/neuter program to help with the overpopulation of dogs and cats, financial assistance for emergency veterinary services, temporary help with food and supplies to keep the pet in their home, etc. She is a “servant-leader” who will do the “invisible” or behind-the-scenes work essential to the success of any organization or event. She has a tender, caring heart – but she is tough and tenacious in good ways. She handles both adversity and success well – she will not turn away from tough challenges, but she will work through them. By the same token – she is not a person who seeks credit and accolades for herself. She wants the spotlight on progress of what needs to be done. She has given a voice to those that do not have one.

To be a voice for the animals in her community. Put a stop to the overbreeding, which will hopefully lessen the number of dogs and cats dumped in area shelters. Educate and advocate for the animals to make sure they receive the kind of care and treatment she believes they should.

Her initial organization helped with lost and found pets. Now many pets are found and returned because of her Missing Bella Facebook page. Once it became a non-profit, the organization has helped hundreds of animals with food, vet care, and preventing them from unnecessary breeding.

She has taken a stand for what she believes in no matter the criticism. She is extremely devoted to the welfare and well-being of the animals in our community. She does what most people won't.

Missing Bella has hosted a free spay-a-thon with the help from a local vet. They were able to spay/neuter 101 dogs/cats in 1 week. The money will allow them to host another event. They also will be sponsoring a service dog for a veteran in 2018. They still need to raise $15,000 so that the veteran will have no out-of-pocket expenses for training and receiving their service dog.

So much has changed in our community because of the work Lisa and Missing Bella has done in the past several years. They have truly found a need and filled it. She has fostered many dogs and several that were pregnant. One dog had her puppies and sadly died the next day. She had to bottle feed 6 puppies until they could be rehomed.

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