Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Amanda Lollar

Date Added

December 18th, 2013


Bat World Sanctuary




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“Dedicated her life to protect and conserve a species that is considered to be the most maligned animal on earth, yet it is the species that is the most valuable to our own survival.”

Amanda Lollar was born to a military family and raised on a farm but was forced to cut her formal education short at the age of 16 due to family illness. She later trained with an orthodontic specialist where she studied anatomy in her spare time. It wasn’t until she discovered a little bat, suffering on a hot Texas sidewalk, that the course of her life would be forever changed to a degree that would impact all of our lives. Amanda went to the library and read every bit of information she could find about bats. She quickly realized there was very little known about the most important yet the most aligned animal on the planet so she turned to researching both veterinary and medical books and began applying her self-taught knowledge to conserve bats, eventually becoming one of the foremost authorities on bats. In 1992 Amanda sold all of her worldly possessions and converted her furniture store into a bat refuge, establishing the non-profit, all volunteer, Bat World Sanctuary (BWS), the largest rehabilitation/teaching sanctuary in the world that is dedicated exclusively to bats. With steep bank loans, she then purchased another building in order to prevent the eradication of 20,000 bats. She turned it into a wild sanctuary and tripled the population. Within a decade Amanda was able to train over 400 veterinarians, zoologists, biologists, conservation scientists and others from every bat inhabited continent. To accomplish all of this Amanda moved into a small room at BWS to care for the bats that have been abused at the hand of man, seized from the pet trade, retired from zoos and laboratories, orphans and those that have sustained injuries with hundreds being released back into the wild each year. An animal rights attorney described Amanda as, “The most self-sacrificing person I have ever met.” Amanda raised the funds to build the first Bat Castle, a man-made structure for wild bats. This year ground will be broken to increase the size of Bat World 3 times over. Scientists have stated that next to water, bats are our single greatest natural resource as they consume the harmful night flying insects that carry disease and those that consume our crops. Fruit bats bring us over 450 different commercial products we use each day and over 80 medications. The rain forests (the lungs of our planet) owe 98% of forest re-growth to bats.

When BWS came under attack by a mentally unbalanced cyberstalker, Amanda courageously fought back in the courtroom, online, and in print establishing the Stand Up to Cyberstalkers page for stalking victims to find out how to survive these malicious attacks that rob people of their lives. Many victims now credit the site with allowing them to recapture their lives from their tormentors. Amanda is the author of both popular and scientific literature, authoring 7 books including a marvelous children’s book, Baby See Through; a story that celebrates being different and overcoming bullies. Amanda Lollar is a real life heroine.